Regional Group Rhine-Neckar

Research by the river

Renowned research location and home of world-famous companies like BASF and SAP; (movie) theaters, museums and festivals; top sports teams and restaurants; great places to relax in forests and on river banks or beautiful meadows: All this is what the Rhine-Neckar region is about, and we would like to introduce you to it!

We usually visit/attend museums, concerts, sport events or institutions etc. – and get active ourselves (e.g. hiking, canoeing). We also organize regular get-togethers and offer the programs „Schule hautnah – scholars at school“ (Visiting a German high school) and „Deutschland hautnah – Germany behind the scenes“ (Homestay). During the Corona pandemic, we have regular online meetings, to which we also invite the regional groups in Karlsruhe and the Saarland area as well as currently inactive groups (e.g. Münster)!

For current articles (only in German unfortunately), check here.


Our volunteers as of February 10, 2021, are:

Hans Rau, Claus Kittsteiner, Nicolás Jaramillo, Henning Belle

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our program, please send an e-mail to Henning Belle, our contact person in the Rhine-Neckar region, at